تسجيل دخول موظفي الوزارة

Islamic University

Year established :



  • City : Al Madinah Al Monawarah
  • Province Population : 1,512,724
  • P.O. Box : 170
  • Phone +966-4-8474209
  • Fax +966-4-8610462
  • Campuses : Al Madinah Al Monawarah


Admission Office : ( in Arabic )

Enrollment & Calendar

  • Total Enrollment : 6,445
  • Total Staff : 982
  • Academic Calendar : By Semesters

Islamic University Aims

  1. Disseminating the message of Islam to the world through the act of Dawah, higher education and post-graduate studies
  2. Imbibing and developing the Islamic spirit in the lives of individuals and societies on the basis of worshipping Allah – The All mighty- and subordination to his messenger prophet Mohammed may peace and prayer of Allah be upon him
  3. Preparing scientific research works, translating and publishing them in different mass media as well as motivating those researches to cover all forms and fields of knowledge
  4. Educating students from different parts of the world who come to attend Islamic university, qualifying them to become competent scholars in order to propagate what they have learnt around the world and participate in solving religious problems in light of the Noble Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet (peace be upon him)
  5. Collecting, investigation and publishing Islamic heritage
  6. Assessing cultural and intellectual associations around the world to serve the overall goals of Islam.

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