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Quality centers (or units) in higher education institutions are important elements in most of the countries that have established commissions of accreditation and quality assurance, a process that could take place only through the educational institution itself. This requires great efforts, an outstanding leadership and suitable support of the officials who are responsible for  the educational institution and who are in charge of the implementation these centers’ work. For this reason,  the establishment of quality centers in educational institutions has become an important need and a prerequisite required by accreditation and quality commissions of any institution of higher education institutions seeking academic accreditation and quality assurance.
Starting from this premise, The National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA) was established at the commissioner's decent approval, 1424 AH, on the resolution of the Higher Education Council decreeing the establishment of such a commission. This authority has an moral personality and an administrative and financial autonomy under the supervision of the Higher Education Council, the authority which is responsible for academic accreditation in higher education institutions beyond the secondary education, except the military education. The National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation (NCAAA)  aims at upgrading the quality of private and governmental higher education to ensure clarity and transparency, and to provide codified standards for academic performance.

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